So Why Hamilton?

It’s a question I hear all the time now; well, since we decided to buy a house here and get the eff out of Toronto before it could sink even further into the cesspool it’s become since Fat Ford took over as mayor. But I digress – quite frequently, in fact. And besides, that’s not the point and if I don’t stop the TO bashing now I may never get to the actual purpose of this particular post. Which is to shed a little light onto why we decided to relocate to Hamilton instead of something more commuter friendly. Like Mississauga or Brampton, perhaps.

The short answer is… there really isn’t a short answer. I could start to explain that as we were driving through on New Year’s Day we were reminded of our beloved St Louis, Missouri which if you’ve never been, is deserving of its own post because it’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful and underrated cities in the world. As well as my favourite – a bold statement considering that I’ve lived in London. England, not Ontario. But again, I’m digressing. I could also mention that, unlike Brampton or Mississauga, Hamilton is a city with its own culture, history and architecture; it does not feel like an extension of the GTA at all. In fact, it’s almost like visiting a whole different world in comparison. And I could say it was simply a matter of economics, that we would only be able to afford a tiny condo for what we were able to get here – a large four bedroom home with massive front and back yards and a garage.

But it’s not really any of those things, although each one was certainly a factor in our decision. It was more of a feeling than anything else, not something that is easy to put into words. It just felt like it was the right move for us to make. And so rather than continue to try to explain something that defies explanation, here are some pictures which might help describe why we ended up making the decision we did.

Hopefully, that will clear things up for anyone who still may be wondering.

Albion Falls, a ten minute drive away. In Toronto it takes about that long to drive about three blocks…


Bayfront Park at dusk


A swan at the Bayfront Park


One of the rosebushes in our back garden


2 thoughts on “So Why Hamilton?

    • I know that you do, and so does anyone who gets me, which I totally appreciate. But whenever I told someone new or who didn’t know me that well (or thought they knew me better than they did), that was the question I’d always get.

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