BananaRama – Mini Cake with Lemon-Vanilla Glaze


While I had the best intentions for trying all three different frostings mentioned in my previous banana-related post, apparently I can’t turn my back for a second. The overwhelmingly enticing aroma of baked banana cake was too much for others in the house to bear, it would seem, so they tucked into the cupcakes faster than I could stop them.

They claimed they thought they were muffins.

And so with only a few left of the two dozen cupcakes, and the fact that I’d realized too late that I was out of icing sugar, it left the lovely little cake pictured here begging for a glaze. I ended up amalgamating a few different web recipes – as I usually do with everything I make – and used a blend of granulated sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and a bit of zest with a tablespoon of corn starch for substance to create the glaze seen here. And as you can see, I may have gotten as much on the plate as I did on the cake, but hey – it’s my first crack a glazing.

Happy Sunday!

Updated: just cracked into this baby, and damn it’s a nice looking cake! Because it took so long to bake – the centre seems to take forever with banana breads – I was worried that it would be all dry and gross. Pretty on the outside, but… Happily, however, that is not the case here!


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