Affogato al Cafe

Italian for ‘drowned in coffee’, this is probably the simplest dessert you can put together – perfect for a lazy long weekend when it’s too hot to do anything else.

All you need is a shot glass (one ounce) of espresso or really strong coffee to pour over two scoops of French vanilla ice cream in a dish or glass, et voila! What’s more, while the basic formula is spectacular on its own, the affogato lends itself beautifully to all sorts of experimentation. Traditionally the dessert calls for grappa, an Italian fortified wine, so you’re free to add your own spin with a favourite liqueur for an elegant after dinner treat. Or even switch up the vanilla for chocolate or other flavour of ice cream. Use gelato for a more decadent and authentic experience. The possibilities are endless.

So, let’s all raise a glass of ice cream-covered coffee to honour the beginning of a long weekend. Happy Canada Day!



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