Strawberry-Pear Galette with Banana Ice


Here is a prime example of my baking process: it often involves more research than actual prep time, and results in an amalgamation of two or more recipes. The pastry for the galette – or French rustic tart if you prefer – is from David Leibovitz, while the tart filling is a cross between the one I’d used for the Rhubarb Crumble and a Martha Stewart recipe. The ice cream is mostly thanks to Alton Brown’s version on the Food Network website, with a nod to Leibovitz again in the use of coconut milk instead of cream. I had to improvise tje freezing part since I do not have an ice cream maker. Yet.

Tomorrow should, with any luck, bring you meringues. Finally.


2 thoughts on “Strawberry-Pear Galette with Banana Ice

  1. Looks great. How was the pastry to work with? I made a galette once and the dough was extremely crumbly and frustrating. Hoping this recipe is superior.

    • Thanks – I think it was down to beginner’s luck, to be honest. I’ve made pie crust before but it was about fifteen years ago…
      For this I used a David Leibovitz recipe I found – – but I halved it and also made a mistake in using pastry flour instead of all purpose as suggested here. I was worried it would be too thin to hold the fruit inside so I mostly hand-patted the dough with only a bit of rolling pin action. I think that’s what may have saved me!
      Also kept the dough wrapped in the plastic I chilled it in, which made it much easier to handle.

      If you’re considering another go at the galette. I would recommend this recipe.

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