Milk Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips. Oh Yes, I Did.

And trust me when I tell you that they are every stinking bit as heavenly as you want them to be, as well as being dead simple to make. But let’s go back and see what brought us to this point, shall we?

I was having a rough day yesterday. Want to know how I know ? Because I found myself itching to make chocolates of some sort. I only tend to do that when I’m feeling at my lowest of lows. And the reason for it is quite simple: chocolate demands your attention in such a way that you have no choice but to give it exactly that. Chocolate won’t let you think about anything else. It’s not its fault – it just is what it is. Unlike the notoriously temperamental fussiness of the macaron, where despite even the most careful blending of almond flour and egg white it could either fall or crack if you happen to look at it wrong. It’s just frustrating for the sake of being frustrating, it would seem. But I think that the French secretly made it that way on purpose whereas chocolate – if I may quote Lady Gaga – was born this way. In short, I am fully aware that chocolate is a demanding mistress, but I will always heed her siren call.

It’s not lost on me that chocolate also contains certain mood-boosting ingredients such as tryptophan, an amino acid that leads to the production of serotonin which regulates our sleeping patterns and moods in the brain. But then, turkey also has an abundance of this chemical- but as good as turkey is it’s not quite so smooth, creamy and delicious.

Can you tell that today may not be so much better? It’s not quite as bad as a chocolate-making day, but still, not the best couple of days I’ve had.  I hate waiting at the best of times, but today finds me waiting not on one but two major things that could have serious impact on my future – for better or for worse. Wow, that sounded a little more ominous than it should have. Let’s move right along to the chocolate dip chips.

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, having seen some in a chocolate shop earlier this year. It had such an effect on me that I couldn’t tell you which shop it was – that’s how focused on the chocolate with chips. It was one of those white light beaming down from the Heavens moments where the only thing that exists is you and that piece of chocolate. And I wasn’t even eating it; I was just imagining the silky smooth sweetness of the chocolate mingling with the salty crunch of the chip. That’s quite the impression, wouldn’t you say? I picked up some chips during this week’s grocery shop, with the intention of baking up this chocolate-dipped potato chip cookie recipe I had stumbled upon whilst trolling foodgawker. And then I thought to myself why am I going to the trouble of making a cookie, when what I really want is just the chips and chocolate? Of course, the cookie looks delicious but it was really just the means to an end. That end being dipping that lovely salty potato chip into some melted milk chocolate and getting it into my mouth in fairly short order.

Did I mention it was easy? In the past when I’ve been in such a state I tended to want to make something more elaborate like truffles or fondant creams, something that requires tempering the chocolate but this time I wanted it quick. Instant gratification. So I grabbed some milk chocolate chips from the cupboard and set to work with a microwave proof bowl, and ten minutes later I was eating the dream.

And if you’ve got ten minutes, so could you. You may notice I say 12 chips. Why not the whole bag or can, you may ask. Because as tasty as they are, unlike what the commercials say, they are decadent that you really don’t want to eat more than one. Well okay, maybe you do – but you shouldn’t. You’ll get what I mean soon enough…


Milk Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips 

  •    1/2 cup milk chocolate chips – you could also use dark or even white, depending on your preference
  •    1 tsp neutral-flavoured cooking oil (I used almond)
  •    12 potato chips – Ruffles or Pringles-type ones work best because they tend to be sturdier and more able to carry the weight of the chocolate
  •     1 large baking sheet or tray and waxed or parchment paper, for drying

Prepare the sheet or tray by covering surface with waxed paper, set beside where you plan to dip.

Combine chocolate chips and oil in a microwave proof bowl.

With microwave set at 50%  power begin to slowly melt the chips in 30 second increments, stirring frequently until all the chips are melted and texture is smooth.

Gently dip half of a potato chip into the melted chocolate so that the bottom half is covered. You may need to use a spoon to help evenly coat it – stirring the chip around could lead to breakage. Once coated, place on prepared sheet to dry.

Repeat process with remaining chips until chocolate is gone.

Allow chips to dry for about two hours at room temperature, or place in fridge for an hour to speed up the process. Then enjoy!






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