Red Velvet Redux


This is my version of the glorious red velvet brownie I reblogged on Friday. Now I should really know better than to mess with what is clearly already perfection, but obviously I couldn’t help myself.

I started with the basics: swapping the granulated sugar for golden brown instead. This is something I tend to do with every recipe if I can get away with it – I prefer the overall flavour and texture it lends to the finished product, although when it comes to red velvet it means that you won’t get quite as vibrant a result. Speaking of vibrant, I couldn’t bring myself to use as much red food colouring as the original recipe calls for, which is another reason my version is not as brilliantly red.

But I didn’t stop there. I thought to myself now how could I possibly make this red velvet brownie smothered in white chocolate and cream cheese buttercream any better than it is now?


By swirling the buttercream into the red velvet brownie batter, that’s how. To fo that, I only used 1/4 cup of icing sugar with the specified quantities of cream cheese and chocolate, then added the half teaspoon of vanilla. I was afraid it would melt too much if I were to include the butter, and likewise be too sweet if I were to use all the icing sugar.

The result? An incredibly rich, intensely flavoured brownie that is the optimal texture. Chewy and dense, not cake like or crumbly. Almost like fudge. You may want more than one piece, but you don’t really need it. Or you can try to convince yourself of that anyway – I know I’m having a bit of an internal struggle over that issue now.

The original recipe can be found here at Party of Two. With or without my amendments, do something nice for yourself and bake these bitches up pronto.

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