A Rose by Any Other Name…

Wait – how does that go again…would it smell as sweet?


If it were made of chocolate, it would.

Since I found some recipes online for chocolate clay – basically it’s made by adding 1/3 cup corn syrup to a pound of chocolate – I’ve become a little obsessed with making flowers. Well, roses mainly since so far that’s all I can do, but hey – it’s a start. I started with dark chocolate because its lower level of cocoa butter means it’s easier to work with. Those unstable little particles of fat are responsible for most of things that can go wrong with chocolate when you’re working with it. It’s also the reason you need to temper it in order to obtain that nice, glossy sheen. Unfortunately, because white chocolate is essentially cocoa butter, it took a bit longer to get the consistency right. But as they say, third time’s the charm.

If you haven’t yet given something like this a shot, you totally should. It’s completely easy and kind of fun – sort of like Playdoh for grown-ups.

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