Shameless Self-Promotion, but hey – it’s in the Name of Art!

So maybe I was on a bit of a roll last weekend, posting more than once in a blue moon. But of course it couldn’t last!

I do apologize. I won’t even say that I’ve been too busy baking to be writing about baking which, although true, has become somewhat trite and redundant. And to say that I’ll make it up to you also sounds a bit worn out. But let’s just leave it at this: I have a whole heap of treats that need writing about, from the coconut cream cupcakes I baked at the beginning of the month to the pumpkin-molasses frenzy of last week in honour of the beginning of fall. I hope to get to them eventually to give them the attention they so richly deserve.

How about for now I leave you with some of my other writing? In case you haven’t made it through the novel on my About page, I have been writing for  Toronto blog  She’s So Savvy for almost a year now. It used to be focused exclusively on beauty and skin care, because that’s where I tend to be most knowledgeable, but the posts of late have expanded to include everything from DIY home restoration, urban exploration and – of course – food. Basically, it’s become a reflection of the direction I’m heading in now. Well, the direction I’m trying desperately to head in, anyway. The most recent post I’ve written is a rundown of something called the Supercrawl, a two day festival version of  the monthly Art Crawls that are held on the 2nd Friday of each month in Hamilton’s artist district, James Street North. It even has a video companion piece that can be found here.

Click here to read Urban Explorer 2nd Edition – Supercrawl on James Street North. Although the event went down a couple weekends ago, it’s being posted to coincide with Scotiabank’s all-night art event Nuit Blanche in Toronto which is going down this weekend: Saturday, September 29th. Or, perhaps, as a direct rebuttal against it… Enjoy!



Busy Week Ends with Unexpected Kindness

Phew… It’s been one crazy week. I find that short weeks always are. But when you factor in a trip to TO for various errands and a dr’s appointment, furious editing of The Novel, a completely impromptu home reno project (which I detail in this week’s Glamanomics post) along with everything else life throws at you, let’s just say I find it hard to believe that it’s Friday already. The worst part about this week? Not having the time to bake! Plus with the humidity in the air feeling very much like you’ve constantly stepped out of a steaming shower no matter where you are, it would have been impossible to bake and not hurt anyone.

But the best part of the week was this morning waking up to a One Lovely Blog award nomination, courtesy of Daily Frosting. How sweet (no pun intended…ok, maybe just a little) is that? However, this award comes with conditions, as outlined on her post. Those conditions are as follows:

1.   Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

2.   Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.   Nominate 15 other bloggers.

So, first things first: a huge Thank You to April from Daily Frosting for the nod in my direction. They say that any attention is good attention, but I think I would rather be known for some of the more positive things I’ve contributed. This blog, although not always cupcakes and ice cream in its subject matter, would be one of those things. And on a week when I’ve been too busy to blog and maybe started to beat myself up over it, this kind of encouragement comes at exactly the right moment!

Now for the harder part. Seven things about myself…hmmm.

1. I named my blog Seven Aprons after the aprons I have managed to accumulate in just a few short months. I received four of them alone this past Christmas, so to encourage me to continue with the baking that was acting as a form of therapy for me at the time (and still does), while another one was a gift from a friend of mine that I originally met on Twitter. I picked up only two on my own.

2. I have a six and a half year old Boston Terrier who is the baby girl I’ll never have. I call sometimes call her Sausage or Piglet, so she probably has no clue what her actual name is anymore. Cute, but not so bright.

3. I’m a recovering Goth, although you wouldn’t know it  given the large amount of pink I’m known to wear.

4. Speaking of pink, it’s my favourite colour.

5. I’m a redhead by choice, not by birth.

6. I find it difficult to accept compliments or talk about myself in the positive, which could explain why I’m struggling now to find a 7th point. Oh, but wait – just had an idea…

7. The reason I started this blog was an effort to try to break those bad habits mentioned in the previous point, as well as document – for better or worse – some of the large amount of baking I do.

Okay, so SO glad that’s over with. Now onto the 15 bloggers I wish to nominate. Hmmm… All right, there are so many wonderful peeps to choose from, I’m just going to try to make this as arbitrary as possible.

It will also be completely their call on accepting or not since this could be misconstrued as an Internet version of the Eighties chain letter, although seeing as this is my first-ever award I prefer to look at it as more of a ‘pay it forward’, good karma sort of thing. Anyhoo – on with the show!

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Wow..that’s 15 bloggers exactly! Please excuse me whilst I go pat myself on the back. Happy weekend, everyone!