Don’t Mean To Get All Political, But: Gay Marriage PSA, College Humor-style

I tend to keep my fingers off the keyboard when it comes to such hot-button topics as politics and religion. Not because I don’t have an opinion – trust me, I’ve got loads of ’em – but because as history would indicate I will likely type or do something that would get me into trouble. End up offending someone, making them angry, etc. And so, I abstain.

But this, this is begging to be shared!


It reminds me of the life I had before my husband, back when I worked in cosmetics and was literally surrounded by gay men every minute of every day. Do I miss it? Absolutely. It was well-coiffed bliss. But this video serves as a reminder of those days. And although it’s meant to be comedic, it does raise some legitimate points. They do know all of your weaknesses, and they would make the best husbands ever.

So straight dudes, do yourselves a favour – support equal marriage. Don’t make the gay men marry your girlfriends.