Long, Hot Summer

Is it me, or has it felt like a long summer already? With two solid weeks of record-breaking temperatures and little breaks from the heat, I’m kind of over it. But then, summer and I have never been good friends. More like mildly tolerant acquaintances.

Since this weather has not been conducive to baking, I have had to look elsewhere to satisfy my need to create yummy treats. That’s where the ideas for the Cherry Vanilla Limeade Granita and Banana Coconut Ice came from recently, but I wanted to expand on those into more frozen treat options. Icy pops seem to be the most natural progression.


And with just three ingredients, these couldn’t be easier. Which would have made them the perfect place to start, but far be it for me to do anything the easy or logical way…

Soyberry Ice Pops

Vanilla soy milk

Frozen berries – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, or a blend of each (as shown here)

Honey to taste

Place the desired quantities of soy milk and frozen berries into a blender, drizzle with honey. Blend on medium until smooth. Pour into ice pop molds, or any other suitable receptacle for freezing such as ice cube trays or even paper cups. Freeze until solid, or a minimum of three hours.

Note: Halfway through the freezing process, place the stick for the ice pop upright into the semi-frozen mixture.

Stay cool, and enjoy!