Back Again… This Time with Blondies!

No, not the pop icon from the Eighties otherwise known as Debbie Harry…although she is pretty fabulous in her own right. ‘Dreamin’ is one of my all-time favourite songs. But no, that’s not why we’re here. 

This is  supposed to be a food blog, after all. So let’s get on with the food!


I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to the blondie; that is , the lighter-coloured version of the chocolate brownie. Not in enjoying them, just in making them. But then all of a sudden, as so often happens  with these things,  the craving snuck up on me and it soon became all I could think about. So off to the Internet I went in search of the perfect recipe. As it turned out, however, I had already had one in my possession all along.

This recipe came from a cookbook I found somewhere on the bargain table for less than a fiver.


Now usually I’m of the opinion that you get what you pay for, but not so in this case. I’ve used it as a basis for a number of goodies I’ve baked up in the past, before I started this blog so before I started taking pictures and writing about the things I was making. But never mind that – let’s just focus on the here and now. And here and now I give you the ultimate butterscotch blondie




























How tasty does that look? I’m not a fan of adding nuts to things, and for some insane reason I’m constantly running across recipes that call for them. Usually, it’s walnuts which is the nut I’m least fond of. I normally just substitute with pecans or leave them out altogether and compensate with adding more chocolate or whatever other chopped ingredient happens to be going in. In this case, though, I had some little chocolate covered toffee candies from IKEA kicking around, so I thought I’d try smashing those up and tossing them in in lieu of nuts.

And man, let me just tell you how glad I am that I did!

The toffee and chocolate melted into the batter during the baking process in such a perfect way so as to lend it even more of the soft, chewy and slightly fudge-y texture that is one of the hallmarks of The Brownie. It was also intensely flavoured, not only from the candies but also the abundance of the butterscotch and chocolate chips. The only possible complaint I could possibly have had was with how little the recipe yielded having been baked in an 8 X 8 glass dish. But in restrospect perhaps that was a good thing. They didn’t last long, and wouldn’t have done much for the ever-expanding state of my ass if there were any more of them. My husband, who devoured more than half of them, has begun to complain that I’m trying to make him fat. Like I hold a gun to his head or something to get him to eat all the things I make. But despite how phenomenally good these blondies were, the craving wasn’t quite as sated as it should have been. I wondered what else could be made that was ‘blonde’.

I was on FoodGawker when I found it. I’m so addicted to that site that I’ve got the iPhone app AND follow the Twitter feed that alerts you to new recipes. So sad, isn’t it? Actually, not really when you get results like this

Remember when I just typed that I’m not a fan of adding nuts to things? Yeah – this would be the exception to that rule. Blonde Rocky Road Fudge.

This is a heavenly concoction comprised of yet more butterscotch chips, peanut butter and marshmallows. There is no bad here, unless of course you happen to be anaphylactic or diabetic. But if neither of these apply to you, then I would strongly recommend you make up a batch as soon as possible. The recipe can be found here – I left it well enough alone. Because, really, how could one improve upon such perfection?