The Week After Last Week’s Ahead

So remember that post last Sunday when I mentioned that each week I would outline some specific things I’d like to achieve in the week ahead? Well, it’s Monday now which means that this Sunday has come and gone with nary a new list of goals in sight.

Am I abandoning my gameplan already simply because the week didn’t end up going quite the way I’d hoped it would? That would be so very typical of me, which would be the main reason why I will NOT be doing it this time. At least, at the moment, not if I can help it. I’d like to follow through on something, if only for the sake of knowing that I was capable of it. No, this week’s goals will be a continuation of those that were outlined last week. They are as follows:

1. Make those damned darling candy-swirled meringues that taunt you from the cover of last month’s Martha Stewart magazine. To borrow a phrase from the Nike commercials: Just do it.

2. Drag The Novel out for a revisit and possible retooling. See above Nike phrase – same rules apply.

3. Exercise at least three times this week. Maybe make it four, to make up for missing last week. But then again, I don’t want to set myself up for failure since that will ultimately do more harm than good… Andddd this is me shutting up now.

Except, of course, to leave you with that ubiquitous motivational quote that was no doubt dreamed up by some high-powered ad exec on Madison Avenue in the Eighties. But it has served as a powerful enough statement to have worked it’s way into our cultural lexicon, at least when it comes to seeking encouragement to push beyond what we believe to be our limitations. Therefore I obviously have no choice but to finish with it. Feel free to take it up as your own mantle for the week. And instead of talking about it…

Just do it.

Note re: the snide comment I’d made about the Nike slogan coming from Madison Avenue (in New York) According to Wikipedia, Just do it was created by Portland, Oregon-based advertising executive Dan Wieden of Wieden+Kennedy, which continues to be Nike’s agency of record to this day.

Mind you, further research has revealed that founding partners Wieden and Kennedy first met in 1982 while working on the Nike account at McCann Erickson, whose North American headquarters just happen to be in New York. So perhaps I wasn’t too far off the mark after all… But again, I digress.